The NAACLT 2015 Conference

The North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers

The North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers

I was introduced to NAACLT (the North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers) back in 2000 when they decided to hold their conference in Europe for the first time. My interests aren’t primarily in language teaching, but their remit seemed to be very broad, and their 2000 conference at Limerick, Ireland was going to focus on The Information Age, Celtic Languages and the New Millennium. I went to it, and have been hooked ever since. It’s interesting that we’ve had to look to North America for an association which provides a meeting place for all the Celtic languages in an innovative, forward-looking context, rather than one which looks to the past in a historical setting.

The association is a good balance between academics, community teachers, activists and enthusiasts – maybe that’s one reason I like it so much. I’ve always found its conferences a good place to present projects on software and computational matters, and talking to colleagues interested in all six living Celtic languages.

The conference this year will be held in Portland, Oregon from the 4th – 6th June. It’s not too late to think of attending, and the deadline for submitting papers is the 1st of April (abstracts of between 200 and 300 words to Kevin Scannell by that date).

Further details may be found on the website at Portland may be a long way from the Atlantic shores of Celtic Europe, but it’ll be very convivial place for us all come June this year.

This was a message from Delyth Prys.


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