Fàilte – Degemer Mat – Fáilte – Dynnargh – Failt – Croeso – Welcome

This is a meeting place to share ideas, experiences, opportunities and successes of localizing software primarily for the Celtic languages.

My idea about the website is that it’s an informal place for contributors (i.e. you 😉 ) to write a short update on ideas, issues, events, software that your working on, ask for help or collaboration in increasing the use ad availability of software in Celtic languages. It’s based on how the Hacio’r Iaith website is run. (You can use Google Translate to get a rough translation of the content).

You can contribute by responding to articles that have been published, asking me to publish on your behalf or requesting publishing rights.  Contact me at post – at – meddal.com.

You are welcome to pass on the details of the website to others active in the localization of the Celtic languages.

Please click the Follow icon that appears at the bottom of your window to receive the latest updates.

Thanks and best wishes.



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