Urgent Appeal to Sign Letter to the EC

See Update below

I thought it worth passing on this appeal from Georg Rehm, the META-NET Network Manager to all our Celtic Localization friends. Although the letter only mentions the official EU languages, it is also a threat to our ‘regional’ European languages, and you can add a comment to emphasize that if you wish when you sign the letter.

Dear colleagues,

We would like to ask you for your support of an Open Letter to the EC, requesting to address the multilingual challenge in their forthcoming Strategy on the Digital Single Market (DSM) .

Our open letter is a response from the Language (Technology) community – including Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Data, Knowledge, Cognitive Science, Multilingualism etc. – to the EC consultations for their DSM Strategy.

Unfortunately, there is a very severe danger that our field is completely vanishing from the EC priorities. Currently it’s not yet part of the strategic priorities of EC Vice President Andrus Ansip – we’re trying to change that.

Language Technology has already been removed from the Horizon 2020 Work Programme for 2016/2017. We must act immediately! Otherwise our field won’t be recognised by the EC for the foreseeable future.

This is why we would like to ask you to support our Open Letter which is online for signing at:


If you agree with our appeal, please sign the letter and circulate this message to your colleagues, friends and networks.

We have to collect as many signatures as possible by the beginning of next week. We will then inform all Commissioners about this letter. On Wednesday (March 25), VP Andrus Ansip will discuss the DSM priorities with his DSM Project Team.

The next few days are our only chance to get the EC’s attention. Let’s use it!

Your support is very much needed! Please circulate this message widely.

Update from John Judge 10:52 24/3/15

Hi again,

Thanks to everyone who’s gone ahead and signed the open letter. As you can see below it’s been something of a runaway success and has caught the attention of none other than the president of the European Commission. You’ll see below that there’s a call to translate the letter into other languages. I think if we can get some (or all) of the Celtic languages in there early it’s a good show for us and that as a group we’re both serious and organised enough to back a campaign like this.

With the translations in place this would then provide us with a good starting point to bring this campaign to the attention of our own EU representatives (so that they’re pressured on it from two fronts) and also national and regional policy makers as well.

Can someone step up to the plate for Welsh and Gaidhlig? I’ll try find a volunteer for Irish (I don’t quite have the vocabulary yet to give it a go myself). Instructions for the translation process are in Georg’s mail below.

 Dear all,
Dear all
As you know we’ve published our open letter last Friday and have already managed to gather more than 1800 signatures! Thanks so much for your help and support we’re completely overwhelmed by this huge success. Last night we’ve informed Jean-Claude Juncker and all Commissioners about the open letter and our cause.
Now we’re preparing the next steps. One of the most urgent ones is preparing translations of the open letter. To this end, our friends at Tilde have created a spreadsheet:

There you’ll find (1) the English source texts, (2) the name of the party responsible for translation into each language, and (3) the actual target translations. 

Note that we would like to translate both the full letter and the heading at the top of the website. (For now, we can program the site to switch languages only for these sections.)

I’d like to ask you, if at all possible, to help with the community-based translation effort. Please indicate the language you can translate by adding your organisation and your own name (row 2) and help us translate the texts into all 24 EU languages! If you can translate an additional language, please simply add another column.
Thanks so much!
Best wishes,