Mozilla “l10n:celtic” group

MozilliansIf you didn’t pick it up from the comments, Kevin Scannel has set up a Mozilla “l10n:celtic” group at

“Speaking of the Mozillians site, I just created an l10n:celtic” group that I encourage everyone to join. It’s a group for people involved in localisation of Mozilla products into Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, and Cornish. Ar aghaidh linn!”

Mozilla Celtic Languages Localization Meetup, Bangor 6-7/3/15

MozillaThese are my personal impressions from the meetup.

First off, it was fantastic for Mozilla to show their commitment to supporting the localization of their products in such a tangible way. Thanks to Jeff, Francesco and Dwayne for their support and encouragement during these sessions.

Meeting people I’d heard of through websites and e-mail and had admire their contribution and energy is always a pleasure as is meeting people I’d not heard about but had put in large amounts of effort to support their language and the aims of Mozilla. This was a very pleasant experience.

Things that made an impression on me:

The need for information material on paper, leaflets and posters to give out and to place prominent positions at people’s place of work, schools, colleges, etc. In the meantime, I’ve registered for the Mozilla monthly e-mail newsletter to see if there is a source of information I could reuse locally. It’s looking promising…

Vouching is important to Mozilla and Mozillians. If you’re not  a Mozillian and have contributed to Mozilla’s mission, then chase it up! If you’re a Mozillian you need to check where you stand following the recent change in the vouching system, you need at least 3 vouches from fellow Mozillians who have appreciated your work for you to be able to appreciate other people’s work!

Working together, talking together, helping each other out. These were qualities we saw during our two days together. That’s why I’ve set up this website to continue with our co-operation across the Celtic languages and across a wide set of software relevant to our situations. I hope you will find it useful.